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Episode 4: Jaime Casap

In this episode:   We chat with Jaime about growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, the impact education had on his life and his Senior Education Evangelist role at Google. Follow Jaime on twitter and Google+ and read his blog to find out why desks are bad for … Continue reading

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Episode 3: The Web Is The Operating System

In this episode: We discuss Chris Drew’s post about trends in Ed Tech investment and take a trip to Finland for a minute. Then we talk MOOC and Google Power Searching and more…

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Episode 2: The D10 Caterpillar Reform Plan

In this episode: I ask Dr. V what the heck this quote means: “Devolution of authority over student learning” — hmm, now there’s a thought. The wording piqued my interest – Tweet from @Dowbiggin And then we dive into Prisoners of Time – and … Continue reading

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