rebootED Episode 5: Finland’s Education System As Explained by Jarkko Myllari

In this episode:

We talk to Jarkko Mylläri, Project Researcher, Swamp Soccer aficionado and fellow Google Certified Teacher from the University of Helsinki about how education policies put in place in the 70’s are yielding dividends today and his research into what Finland’s classrooms of the future will look like.

Finland’s students and classrooms are looking to connect to other students around the world. Link coming soon.

Check out the CICERO Learning project –

Skeptics about Finland’s approach to public education point to the homogeneity of the population (something Jarkko, too, mentions) as somehow invalidating the value of the Finnish approach – however, comparing their approach to neighboring Norway suggests there is more to the mix.  See this blog piece by @joe_bower.

Linda Darling-Hammond compares Finland’s system to the American approach in her book, The Flat World and Education: How America’s Commitment to Equity Will Determine Our Future.  Her article outlines what they’ve done over the past few decades and why it works.  Watch this interview with Darling-Hammond about the Finnish system, part of a show (Dan Rather Reports) dedicated to the Finnish educational system.


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